July 2021 New Building Team News:

If you have not gone by 2900 Bridges St since the June Newsletter, you are in for a surprise! By now the slab has been poured and we have a footprint of our new Sanctuary. Visible progress is being made on a weekly basis. We hope the slide show during the annual meeting gave you a good idea of what the building will look like, inside and out, when completed.

smoothing the concrete

We feel that we’re off to a good start and barring really bad weather, (I won’t say the H****cane word), we have a good feeling for a timely and safe construction through the summer to get under roof and weather tight. There will be some minor construction taking place in the Annex, but for the most part this building is available for some meetings.

Evening meetings should have no problem with parking. Small meetings are OK for hours when construction is taking place since we can’t block the construction area or vehicles that are in our small parking lot. Parking across the street in the shopping center is one option. Parking in the Salvation Army lot will be permitted for Sunday service but our agreement with the Salvation Army does not permit parking when the Store is open Monday thru Saturday.
That being said, Welcome to the Annex!

Respectfully submitted, Dan Phillips

June 2021 New Building Team News:

Last month I noted the contractor has begun to remove the old building.  Really, no fooling, it should be gone by the time you read this June News. [Look HERE to see that this is true!]  We’ve had about two weeks of wrinkles including an NC State asbestos permit.  And of course, there was that pesky gas shortage which caused our contractor to cancel sending heavy equipment to our site until a reasonably stable gas supply is possible.

We are now meeting in person in the Annex for our NBT meetings and, although several rooms are filled with ‘stuff’ for the Sanctuary; there are two rooms available for meetings.  We are proceeding with the fence project.  You may
remember this was started in 2019.  The permit request for this first building project started the avalanche of surveyors, lawyers, contractors, engineering firms and MHC Building Code/Permit officers paperwork. We even managed to get the NCDOT involved in our effort to do the best possible for UCF.

You all know the bell was sold and removed in the summer of 2019.  But we’ve saved the brick sign along Bridges St.  The contractor will make sure the sign is not removed and MHC is allowing us to keep the existing sidewalk on Bridges St, instead of spending a lot of money for new sidewalks.

We plan to show everyone a tour of sorts at the annual meeting.  This will show a representation of how we expect the building to look with most furnishings installed.  It will not be exact colors, appliance models, etc. 
It will give a good idea of how things are going to fit together. 
You don’t want to miss this meeting.

May 2021 Update

Ah, that age old question, “Who let the dogs out?”, or to paraphrase, who took the siding off? I’m talking about the building at 2900 Bridges St, of course! The contractor has begun to remove the old building. After more than two years of your NBT promising a safe and secure sanctuary, only a few nail-biting months to go, and our well-designed and aesthetically pleasing building and entire site will be completed.

Well, that’s the plan.
But really, we (the NBT) feel we’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed another letter so that the rest of this project will be mostly downhill. Some of the last items on our checklist are being worked on by subcommittees, such as color of paint for inside and the type of plants for outside.

Just so you know, we don’t actually have a checklist. All this stuff we’ve been doing we’ve done with the end goal in mind. A place where we can gather in fellowship safely. Most of the in-between steps presented themselves as either opportunities or obstacles to turn into opportunities.
So far, so good.

By the way, have you heard about the “surprise” tour at the annual meeting? Pass it on.
Respectfully submitted,
Dan Phillips