All reports by Dan Phillips, member of the Building Team

May 2022 New Building Team News:

This is the last official NBT update. There are a few ‘punch list’ items still to be dealt with by our general contractor, but we are confident these will be taken care of expeditiously. (The last payment to Smithson relies on it!)

You heard it here first, after three years and two months the NBT is going out of business. What a trip this has been. As referred to in the earlier newsletters, “Neither hurricane, lack of contractors, nor world pandemic has stopped us from presenting to the congregation, a new home.” We have had both help and setbacks from Morehead City Planning, but even the setbacks made the project outcome better than we expected.

Interior of our new church

Some of the subcommittees that were formed will continue with their important work to keep the ‘Campus’ beautiful and sound well into the future. Some things have not been finished – like the fence in the back of the Reverend Sally B. White Center. It was one of the first items we tackled, which led to needing a better land survey, which led to buying more land (for $10.00), which eventually led to what you now see at 2900 Bridges St.

The original team members consist of Joe Naset and Guerry Willis – CoChairs, Christoph Hintze, Dan Phillips, and Bob Thomas. We fondly remember Anne Fiske – Secretary, who passed away and the Secretary position was filled by Karen Baggott. Casey Benavides left for South America with her children and husband when his graduate studies were completed. Tom Cullison graciously accepted the BOT request to fill Casey’s position on the team.

Thank you all for your patience these last three years. Thank you all for your confidence that we would complete the task you requested of us.

April 2022 New Building Team News:

March was a busy month! Think about a small bowl of spaghetti; now find and tie the loose end of one to another and another. WoW! Don’t get lost in the rich sauce, the aesthetics of our new space is wonderful. The temporary occupancy permit has been issued by Morehead City and moving our new furniture into the sanctuary has begun. The FFC will also be moving the familiar furniture and wall hangings from 1300 Evans to their new home. The piano will be moved in and tuned to help our neglected voices sing, sing, sing.

new church almost finished
March 29, 2022

The electric vehicle charging station is the most visible item to show that we care about earth’s climate and environment. A closer look will show the parking lot has about 50 percent porous surface due to the Ecoraster. The building was constructed to be environmentally friendly, from the energy-efficient HVAC, and the thick insulation to the energy-saving LED lighting and the ceiling fans to keep the air mixing comfortably. The building was built to withstand hurricanes up to 150 mph wind for the roof and our windows will protect from high-speed debris that may be blowing around during a storm.

The last visible construction will be completed under the watchful eye of Tom Wentworth, et al, of the landscaping committee. Yard Barber is the selected contractor for our project. Morehead City has specific guidelines for landscaping that include setback from curbs and sidewalks, number of plants, type of plants, mix of shrubs, small trees, and large trees. And more. Under the leadership of a great committee, we have weeded out those invasive plants that Morehead City allows, (shame on them?) and our campus will have only native plants to fill the required guidelines. The jewel in the crown (or tree in the circle) will be the Live Oak, donated by Pam Holliday.

Some of you have noticed the brick sign along the sidewalk on Bridges Street. Well, we kept this relic since if it is removed, we cannot put a new sign along Bridges St. Upon looking at the big picture, we have now decided we really don’t want that old red brick monstrosity in our front yard. Therefore, it will be covered in stucco for better curb appeal. Maybe it is already stucco? We are moving into a wonderful space with both in-person Sunday services and continuing Zoom services for those who choose to do so. We have created a place to meet, a place for learning, fellowship, and fun.

Now is the time to LEARN how to operate the new systems and equipment in the church. Get involved in music, operating music, and video equipment; operate kitchen equipment from coffee maker to dishwasher. (Yes, there really is only one correct way to load a machine.) We can always use new ideas in the Finance Committee and Worship Committee. In addition, the newest challenge will be operating the two buildings on our campus, who will help make sure the lights are turned off, that the restrooms are clean, that the doors are locked?

April – could this be the last month for a New Building Team update in the newsletter?

Only the Shadow knows…

March 2022 New Building Team News:

Hello again for maybe the last time. March is looking good to be a wrap-up for construction. The new electric poles are in place and wired into the Sanctuary. The old poles were removed and we’re waiting for all the electric devices in the building to be checked for proper voltage/operation. About half of the parking lot is mostly completed – that part is Ecoraster. Ecoraster acts as a permeable surface where the rain will soak into the ground. The driveways and handicapped parking will be asphalt and will be completed when the temperature is more often over 60 degrees. Water running over the asphalt will be directed to the Ecoraster parking area where the runoff will soak into the ground. (That’s the plan, anyway).

Newly paved parking lot!

The kitchen is completed and built to ADA specs. We have a portable stage and ramp in the Sanctuary. All of the appliances have been or will be installed shortly. The interior of the building is pretty much complete. Our contractor is completing some loose ends and the NBT will be on the lookout for items to add to a punch list that we’ll be handing to our contractor.

Our audio / visual equipment contractor will be instructing several people on using / adjusting the equipment. There are sound amplifiers and mixers, wired and wireless mics, as well as how to control the video projector for our Sunday services.

Spectrum will install internet and phone service the early part of March. Some other items that were listed as ‘ironclad’ were not completed, so that statement is being revised to say ‘by the end of March’. (Ironclad).

The landscaping will be going in earnest with the Lawn Barber and our landscape committee. We’re planning shrubs, small trees and large trees in accordance with the Morehead City Ordinances. We have to have this completed along with the new sign for the brick columns which will be stuccoed to freshen the look.

The Finishing and Furnishing (FF) and Landscape Committees are continuing to work with our Contractors to make our campus safe, interesting to look at, and by example, environmentally friendly for planet Earth. We’ve done our research, got advice from professionals and made the best decisions we could, balancing the needs and wants of UCF with the laws and good practices of our town, state, country and the world in general.

Last item is our new chairs. This is a huge milestone showing the near completion of our three years of planning and building. The chairs will be delivered in boxes, 3 or 4 chairs per box. Chairs will be stored in the boxes inside the Sanctuary, most probably on the stage, until we can unpack them when the workmen are done and the floors are polished. Oh, when the announcement is made that the delivery day for chairs is set don’t be shy about coming down here and giving a helping hand (and remember your masks)!
We continue to move ahead, and we’re getting closer every day to completing our new home.

February 2022 new Building Team News:

I expect that a lot of UCFers may think I’m a weatherman, forecasting that our contractors will complete this or that project. I’m happy to report that this holds true for January.

Some of what we all expected to be accomplished in January was accomplished – some items not! February is going to be different. The “New Building Team” has been given a printed schedule that states by the end of February the building and grounds will be almost completed. (That’s ironclad.)
Thanks to every one of you for allowing me to produce these monthly newsletters with a little of my dry humor mixed in. We did actually complete all the work expected in January except for some of the exterior siding. The vinyl siding company is in Canada and they will be shipping our siding for arrival here in early February. Canadian weather, with COVID thrown into the mix, has caused delays in manufacturing and truck deliveries.

The building did have a broom and mop cleaning so the kitchen cabinets and all the plumbing fixtures could be installed along with the electrical devices (switches/receptacles / etc) at the end of January.
Our new schedule looks very promising for an end-of-month completion. We have final trim and paint, and our wonderful high-tech acoustical accordion partition and audio/visual equipment are ready to be installed. The parking lot comes next, partially asphalt and the rest EcoRaster.

Darker gray shakes have been added to front panel.

The grand piano will be moved into the sanctuary after Duke Electric has the building power hooked up, which will be around the 16th. As always, timing is tight – we have Spectrum scheduled to install the internet, which includes the phone, on the 17th. We may need to reschedule Spectrum for the following week.

Meanwhile the FFC has been working in the annex to sort supplies and get them staged for moving into the sanctuary. You may not be aware that there is a lot of ‘hands on’ work to be done (call Miriam Green to volunteer) besides previous work with the decorator to develop a color scheme to tie all the parts of the sanctuary and fellowship areas together.

The landscaping will follow the Duke Electric work and our Landscape committee all have a big smile now that they can start growing their magic. Around this time the Morehead City building inspector will check the building and annex for our final Certificate of Occupancy.
We will still have items to unbox and find a home for. We’ll be learning how to control the HVAC, which light switch is for which light, and how to get those pretty new chairs in a nice line.

January 2022 New Building Team News:

OK – 2022!
The outside of the sanctuary is nearly completely sided and enclosed. Last month I thought all the exterior doors would be installed in the sanctuary. Supply issues now have the last two exterior doors delivered and installed early in January along with final siding and trim around these doors.

The finishing carpentry crew started the siding last month and will be with us for most of January to complete not only the remaining siding and trim, but they will also complete the interior trim and wood ceiling. The sheetrock in the sanctuary has been primed and will be painted according to the Furnishing and Finishing Committee’s color scheme.
The measurements for the custom kitchen cabinetry were made in mid-December. The cabinet company started building our cabinets in their shop and will install the cabinets before the end of January. The kitchen appliances were purchased and are waiting in the Lowe’s warehouse for delivery after the custom cabinets are installed.

Contractors will be installing the fixtures for the electricity and plumbing in January. January will also see the new three-phase electric service installed by Duke Energy. It will be a giant leap to have the building running on its own electric power. This service will feed power to the Annex circuit box and the meter on the Annex will be removed.
It’s safe to say that contractor activity will ebb and flow during January as so many different fast and slow dances at a wedding. By the end of January, we hope to have the final toast! Except for some ending touchups, possibly landscape and parking lot details, our new church home will be complete.

Somewhere in this time frame we’ll also get the electric vehicle charging station installed, the sound system will be wired and lots of small but necessary things will be completed. The last threshold will be final inspection and issue of a Certificate of Occupancy by Morehead City officials. The steps we and the contractor must take for this final inspection will be the subject of the February newsletter.

Always just one more something. Go ahead, smile. We’ve not got long now.

December 2021 New Building Team News:

We’ve come a long way since the NBT was formed and charged to make the property at 2900 Bridges St our new home. March of 2019. It seems like yesterday and long ago at the same time. We started with the idea of repairing and remodeling the Annex and Sanctuary buildings. Now, almost three years later, we’re nearly finished remodeling the Annex and building a new Sanctuary from the ground up.

This is our new building as of 12-4-2021

We’ve had false starts and setbacks, but everything seemed to work out in the best possible way for UCF in the long term. As you can see at the site, we’re fully enclosed with doors and windows. Siding is going on the outside of the Sanctuary. Matching siding is going on the three gable ends of the Annex. There is a new double door going into the Annex directly opposite the double door on the patio leading to the Fellowship Hall.

Through December the contractors will be finishing the insulation and sheet rock for the walls. They will be installing our beautiful wood plank ceiling (running from twelve to twenty seven feet in height) and wood beams. Equipment will be installed and connected to the many, many wires that have been strung throughout the skeleton of the Sanctuary. A channel for the folding door is framed and ready for the acoustical door to be hung that will separate the Sanctuary from the Fellowship Hall.

Then there will be the kitchen cabinets, appliances and the restroom fixtures, and don’t forget the polished cement floor! We could go on and on… chairs, rugs, wall hangings, …December is going to be an exciting and busy month.
Your NBT wishes you all a wonderful holiday season!

November 2021 New Building Team News:

Taking shape at 2900 has a whole new meaning.  Inside the sanctuary we have the HVAC, plumbing and electric rough-in done and inspected.  Next will come insulation and then sheetrock.  There was a supply chain issue with the windows, so for now the window framing will be boarded up so the contractor can continue working on the interior.  The siding could be put on but the proper way is to install the windows, then put the siding on the building.  That’s why you see the window positions boarded up.

Most of the outside cement has been poured.  We have a wonderful patio between the annex and sanctuary.  We decided to make the patio flat from the sanctuary to the annex instead of sloped as suggested by ADA.  We opted instead to put the ramp inside the annex, to make the sanctuary and annex conform to ADA specs.

The FFC (Furnishings/Finishings Committee) has been busy getting our color palette together.  The theme is ‘beachy’ water colors.  Some of the items the FFC has completed are colors and fabric for the sanctuary chairs. The FFC has chosen colors for countertop in the kitchen, and paint colors for walls and interior doors.  They are figuratively putting the icing on the cake.

We hope you had a drive-by of the site to see the exterior being readied for the parking lot and the border of shrubs and trees.  Most of the grading was done around Oct 21 and the paving might even be completed by the time you read this.  We have been moving towards the project completion and now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Heavy equipment grading the soil at the new building site

Just about all of the appliances have been purchased and are waiting in the vendor warehouse for release when we need the items, or the items are on order.  Even with the manufacturing and shipping delays, the NBT and Smithson have found a way to stay on our aggressive timeline.

We expect a really big announcement in the December Newsletter.

Evening meetings should have no problem with parking. Small meetings are OK for hours when construction is taking place since we can’t block the construction area or vehicles that are in our small parking lot. Parking across the street in the shopping center is one option. Parking in the Salvation Army lot will be permitted for Sunday service but our agreement with the Salvation Army does not permit parking when the Store is open Monday thru Saturday.
That being said, Welcome to the Annex!