Children’s Religious Education for April

Hi everyone,

Happy April to you all.  I sure hope some of you have been out biking, playing ball, racking up leaves that have blown around with all these winds, planting gardens, and walking and cleaning up our beaches.  Our family has and we have found some interesting very old rare fossilized shells!  Such fun.

I have scheduled the painting of the Nursery walls for Saturday, April 2nd at 9 a.m.  I would love to see some families come by and members of the church to help paint and put up “Under the Sea” vinyl stickers on the walls.  We will also be painting sailboats on another wall!  During the month of April, I will be setting up my office that I will share with our music director, Tom Cullison and getting other rooms ready for the opening of our new church.  The Children’s
Spiritual Exploration room is almost done where we will have chapel when we don’t start off in the sanctuary with Rev. Michelle and our Time for All Ages.

When you come on Saturday, please wear a mask and if you don’t have one there are some in the annex (this is the building on Church Street behind the church.  You will enter the Annex through the door facing Church Street.  If you would like to bring snacks, please do so, just a reminder that we do not have refrigeration yet in the church.

Our story this month continues with our Kid’s Principles and the book Everybody Is Important by Jennifer Dant.  Our first principles was “Every sing person is important,” our second principles was that “We treat one another with
respect,” and our third principle we talk about this month.

Kid’s Principle #3

We spend our whole lives learning how to be the best people we can be.

Story #1

“WHAT does that mean?” Lilly asks Maya about the
necklace Maya’s wearing, which has a little gold cup with a flame coming out of it.  Maya explains that it’s called a “flaming chalice” and is the symbol of her religion.  “I’m a Unitarian Universalist,” she tells Lilly.  Lilly shows Maya her earrings, which are crosses hanging from little silver hoops. “My family believes that you have to get saved by Jesus to go to heaven.”  “We believe different things,” Maya
answers, “my family believes there are lots of ways to get to heaven.”  Lilly’s eyes grow big.  “But that’s wrong!” she says.

Q 1:  Do you think people can believe different things without fighting?

Q 2:  What could Maya say back to Lilly?

Story #2

AUSTIN and his friend Carl are in Austin’s backyard, waiting to go to the park.  “It’s not fair!”  Austin yells at his mom, who is taking his baby sister out of her swing.  “You said you would take us to the park!  His mom sighs.  “I know we’re late, Austin, but I still have to dress your sister and make you guys’ sandwiches before we can go.”  Austin groans.  “But you promised we could go play
basketball today and the other kids will be gone by the time we get there!”  “I know and I’m sorry,” Austin’s mom says.  Carl taps Austin on the shoulder while her back is turned.  “Your mom has a lot to do.  Maybe we could help her.”

Q 1:  Do you think Carl is helping Austin to be a better person?

Q 2:  What could Carl and Austin do to help Austin’s mom get ready to go to the park?