Children’s Religious Education – July 2022

Hello everyone,

I am hoping all of you are having a great summer so far with lots of adventures ahead of you. 

Our adventure is that my family is taking a vacation from July 9 through the 25 to New Hampshire to see
family and friends.  Jo Ellen Essex will be the contact person for the nursery. 
Her phone number is 252-777-4012 and her email is

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  The nursery is in need of additional volunteers starting in August.  If you are willing to play with the little ones, ages 6 months to 3 years of age, please let me know. 

Last month you learned that the 5th UU Kids Principle was “Everyone has the right to use their voice and be heard”, with Kristen and Kamryn understanding how their voices can be heard by others and how they might say it differently to be more kind.  This month our 6th Principle is:

Kid’s Principle #6

Together we work to create a world that is peaceful and fair for everyone.

Story #1

Andy’s little brother Teddy loves singing.  He sings in the shower, when he’s walking to school, and sometimes even softly in bed before he goes to sleep.  And when he sings in the school concerts, he has a big smile on his face.  Andy’s friends call Teddy a “sissy” and say it’s “weird” that he would rather sing in the choir than play baseball or build forts after school.  One day, Teddy cries and says, “Maybe I should just quit choir.  Maybe then they’d stop teasing me!”

Q1:  Is it fair that Teddy is teased for liking to sing?

Q2:  Can you think of a way for Andy to help his little brother?

Story #2

John has three dollars in his pocket.  He’s on his way to buy trading cards with it. As he walks, he keeps checking to make sure the money is still there.  John earned the three dollars by helping his mom wash her car.  He passes the church and remembers what the minister said last Sunday about the family whose house burned down on Spruce Street. The minister said that people could give money to help that family.  John doesn’t know the family, but he remembers seeing a picture of two kids standing in front of their ruined house.

Q1:  What do you think John should do with his three dollars?

Q2:  How do you think it would make the kids who lost their house feel to know that people want to help them?