Children’s Religious Education – June 2022

It is wonderful to be in church and having our young children in the nursery again. They are enjoying the fish on the wall and looking, pointing, and smiling at them. There are new toys and manipulatives to play with and a couple of big balls to bounce around! We still have a few items left to put up in the nursery and bathroom, (thank you Jo Ellen for the beautiful fish net and Karen for some paint), then we should be all set and onto the next project. Another project you say! Yes, we will be working on the children spiritual exploration room with a theme “Around the World – what does it mean to be a UU”. I will need many hands to help paint and add character to the room. For those who have offered to help – thank you so very much.

The Flex/Youth Room will have a theme of One Thousand Cranes. The Crane symbolizes the need for balance through beauty, harmony, and grace and according to the Japanese tradition, folding 1,000 paper crane is believed to live for 1,000 years. As this is a flex room used for meditation, yoga, a quiet meeting space for conversation this will bring peacefulness for those who enter.

Last month we learned that the 4th UU Kids Principle was Together we learn about the world and what is TRUE with 2 stories about Roger and Joey. This week our 5th principle is:

Everyone has the right to use their voice and be heard.

Story #1
KRISTEN has brought a backpack full of plastic animals to a sleepover. She dumps them out on the bed and calls out, “I get all the cats.” “Hey, that’s not fair,” Dora answers, and Leah agrees. “But they’re my animals,” Kristen points out, “so I get to choose.” Shrugging, Dora says, “I get the dogs then!” Leah slumps down and crosses her arms. She loves cats and dogs, and doesn’t really feel like playing with the other animals. “What about me?” she thinks. “Doesn’t anybody care which ones I want?”
Q1: Do you think Leah should ask for what she wants?
Q2: If she did, how do you think Dora and Kristen should respond?

Story #2
KAMRYN is showing the other kids how her hair is so long that she can braid it all by herself. She slips her braid over her shoulder and says, “Only girls with long hair are pretty.” Marcus looks around at the other kids. “That’s not true!” Marcus says, Gina is twisting one of her short dark curls around her finger and looking down.
Q1: How do you think Gina feels about what Kamryn said?
Q2: Do you think Marcus used his voice in a good way?

Next month will be Principle #6:
Together we work to create a world that is peaceful and fair for everyone