Children’s Religious Education – May 2022  

Hi Everyone,

Yes, the answer is yes, we are getting closer to being together in our new church building.  It is so exciting to see everything come together. There is no firm date on when we will open for service as we still have lots to prepare for, so please watch the weekly update in The Wave for the announcement date for opening.  If you receive the Coastline Newsletter you should also be receiving The Wave; if not, please let me know so I can get you on the Breeze database. 

My daughter, Jill and granddaughter, Halle and I have been very busy in the new building getting the nursery ready for our little ones with a theme of “Under the Sea” on the walls, and no, no one needs to wear their fins to enter the room! Thank you to others who have offered to help – don’t worry there will be lots more to do.  One wall down, another to go. The other children’s room will be having a theme of “Around the World – and what does it mean to be a UU.”  This room will be painted after we start back together. 

There will be Open House dates the first week of May so check out those dates here in the newsletter. 
This small open house preview is for all to come see our new sanctuary and annex building, new meeting spaces, and offices.  A grand opening will be further down the road.

We will be having open registration for the families on Saturday, May 7th from 3 to 5 p.m. if you would like your child/children to be part of their own spiritual exploration activities. Come by and see families you might not have seen for two years due to the pandemic and reconnect.  I can’t wait to see all of you. 

If you have any questions about the open house and you can’t make the registration day, please let me know and we can make other arrangements. 
My email is or my cell phone is 603-254-5559. 

The big white lump sleeping on the floor is Jill’s service dog, Honor.

Our story this month continues with our Kid’s Principles and the book Everybody Is Important by Jennifer Dant. 

Our first principle is that every single person is important, our second principles is that we treat one another with respect, and our third principle is that we spend our whole lives learning how to be the best people we can be.  The fourth principle we will talk about this month.

Kid’s Principle #4 Together we learn about the world
and what is TRUE

Story #1

ROGER holds a hose over small plants poking through the ground.  The sun is warm on his skin and reminds him of his grandmother saying that eating from a garden is like eating sunshine.  Roger always thought it was a weird thing to say, but now it makes him smile. 
His grandmother loved working in her garden.  After she died, the minister at her funeral said she was in heaven, but Roger’s parents told him her body would go back to earth.  Roger wonders where she really is now.

Q1:  Who could Roger talk to about his question?

Q2:  Do you think Roger will ever know for sure where his grandmother is now?

Story #2

JOEY is helping his mom set the table.  “Cousin Bill is bringing his partner Tom over for dinner.”  Joey’s mom says, Joey asks what “partner” means. 
“It means that Bill and Tom love each other and have decided to spend their lives together, like me and
Daddy,” she says. 
“Bill sounds really happy and we’re happy for him,” she adds.  Joey has known Bill his whole life and feels certain he wouldn’t do anything wrong, but he has heard kids at school say mean things about men who live together.

Q1:  Which do you think is more true: Joey’s belief about Bill or what the other kids say?

Q2:  What do you think Joey could say to the other kids about Bill and Tom?

Next month’s Principle #5 – Everyone has the right to use their voice and be heard.