Children’s Spiritual Exploration – August 2022 

Hello everyone,

It doesn’t seem possible that summer is coming to a close and school will be starting up for quite a few children with renewing old friendships and meeting new classmates that have either moved here from far away places or just from the next town.  I wish you all a new experience this fall if you are going to school.  Make new friends but remember to keep the old ones too.  Some are graduating from high school and starting a new journey into adulthood.  Good luck to you all!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  The nursery is in need of additional volunteers starting in August.  If you are willing to play with the little ones, ages 6 months to 3 years of age, please let me know.  You might have some 4- and 5-year-olds too, as they love playing in the nursery. 

Last month you learned that the 6th UU Kid’s Principle, “Together we work to create a world that is peaceful and fair for everyone,” where Andy’s little brother Teddy loved to sing and was made fun of and called a sissy.  What were your answers to the questions asked?  The second story saw John earning $3.00 from washing his mom’s car and what should he do with it?  Last Sunday the minister said that people could give money to help the family whose house burned down on Spruce Street.  He remembered seeing a picture of two kids standing in front of their ruined house.  What do you think John did?

This month we are reading about our 7th Principle .

Kid’s Principle #7: We respect our earth and all living things.

Story #1

Anna and Riley have had a great day at the beach.  They showed each other cool seashells, made a sandcastle, and stuck their feet in the cool clear water.  “Time to go guys!” Anna’s dad calls out.  Anna and Riley begin picking up their beach toys and towels and chairs.  Riley kicks over the castle.  The soda can and old plastic fork they used for a tower and a flagpole are lying in the sand. 
“Grab that trash,” says Anna. 
“Why?” asks Riley. 
“It was here when we got here.”

Q1:  Why do you think Anna wants to pick up the trash?

Q2:  Does it matter that someone else left the trash in the first place?

Story #2

Tyler has been spending the summer on his Uncle Derek’s farm.  He has been helping his uncle to gather eggs from the chickens and feed the pig.  His uncle takes very good care of the animals, feeding them food that they like and making sure they are healthy and comfortable.  One day, Derek tells Tyler that he will eventually kill the pig for his family to eat.  Tyler feels a little confused. 
“So why,” he asks, “are you so nice to the pig now?”

Q1:  Why do you think Uncle Derek takes good care of the pig?

Q2:  Does it matter if a pig is healthy and