Special Note – Sunday Services:  In this time of Coronavirus, Sunday services will not be held in person until national, state and local leaders say it is safe to meet.   Our Board of Trustees and Minister will then make a decision regarding our Fellowship’s meetings and services. In the meantime, we meet on Zoom every Sunday at 10:30 AM, and stay in touch by email and through phone calls with each other. If you would like a link to a Zoom service, email Jamie DeRose, our Office Assistant, at ucfofficeassistant@gmail.com.  We continue to support each other through this difficult period. 

UCF Community and Connections:

UCF Updates:  The Office Assistant sends out an Update email twice a week during the time we are not meeting in person.  The emails are sent on Wednesdays and Saturdays to all Members and Friends and to others who have requested to get them.  Updates contain information about the upcoming Worship Service (including the Zoom link on Saturdays), as well as news of upcoming events,  Board news, and other useful information.

Care Circles: UCF members and active friends are grouped geographically (more or less) into four Care Circles.  When someone is sick, hospitalized, or bereaved, the appropriate care circle helps with food, visits, flowers and cards. In this time of COVID, Care Circle chairs are checking in on those in their Circle regularly to see if they are doing OK, need help or just would like someone to talk to.  Chair people and members of the Care Circles can be accessed by clicking here.  If you have not been assigned to a Care Circle, please contact Pam Holliday at pamelalaholliday@gmail.com.

Pastoral care: If you have specific needs, issues, or concerns that you would like to talk over with a thoughtful listener, please contact Terri Thomas at 252-622-1978 or territhomas00@gmail.com. She will be honored to hear your concerns, or connect you with a member of the Pastoral Care Team (Rev. Michelle Ma, Terri Thomas, Joan Burton, Helene Kelly, Holly Rogers, Liz Morningstar, or Miriam Green).  All Pastoral Care conversations are kept strictly confidential.

Zoom: UCF now has two Zoom accounts.  Each account allows two or more (up to 100) people to meet in a video conference, using computers, tablets, or phones.  Zoom makes it possible to hold a committee meeting, a consultation, or to connect with a friend or a group of friends without leaving home.  If you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting or a chat with a UCF friend, contact Jamie DeRose at ucfofficeassistant@gmail.com.  If you’re interested but you’ve never used Zoom, Jamie will be glad to help you get started.