Board of Trustees

In the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship, the congregation is the basic governing unit of our church. We control our own funds and property, determine the conditions of membership, plan worship services, and call ministers.  Board members are elected by the congregation.

Our Board of Trustees consists of four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer; and one Leadership Council Trustee, who chairs the Leadership Council and acts as the liaison between the Leadership Council and the Board of Trustees. UCF’s minister is a non-voting member. The Board defines procedures, sets policy, and is responsible for the budgetary and fiduciary affairs of the Fellowship. It is also the body that develops and monitors long-range plans for the church. Meetings are open to everyone.  Contact Board President Susan Fetzer ( for meeting times and information.

Leadership Council

UCF’s Leadership Council promotes communication among all elements of congregational life. It is responsible for coordinating Fellowship programs and operations, particularly those that have cross-committee impacts.  The Leadership Council does not implement changes to the budget or changes to UCF policies and procedures, but can make recommendations to the Board.  Council members are the minister, staff persons, and the chairs of standing committees. UCF’s minister is a non-voting member. The Leadership Council Trustee chairs the council. Meetings are monthly, and are open to everyone.  Contact Leadership Council Trustee Linda Rudd ( for meeting times and information.


President: Susan Fetzer sgfetzer@gmail.comChair: Linda Rudd
Vice President: Tom Wentworth tom_wentworth@ncsu.eduWorship: Marilynn Cullison
Secretary: Jo Ellen Essex jolnsx@yahoo.comFinance: Jo Ellen Essex
Treasurer: David Hughes ucfwelcomenc@gmail.comMembership: Nan Reed
Leadership Trustee: Linda Rudd lerudd@ncsu.eduSocial Justice: Harriet Altman and Barb Thomas
Facilities: Sandra Shelp
Adult Spiritual Enrichment: Holly Rogers
Children’s Spiritual Exploration: Sarah Sutherland
Green Sanctuary: Lauren Donnachie and Linda Rudd
Care Circle Coordinator: Martha Kenworthy
Newsletter Editor: Addie Hirschten

Bylaws and Policies:

Bylaws are adopted by vote of the congregation; policies are adopted and amended by vote of the Board of Trustees. 

To download our bylaws

UCF Bylaws- 2022 – Revised July, 2022

To download our policy manual

Section 1 – Governance and Structure – Revised August 2022 (Including Table of Contents)

Section 2-Administrative Policies and Procedures – Revised April 2023 (including Table of Contents)

Appendices – 2020

Current COVID Policy