We welcome any member or friend to join one or more of our committees. We always need and welcome volunteers! Committee membership is an excellent way to get to know our Fellowship and a good way for us to get to know you. If a committee holds your interest, contact the chair. Meeting times are announced in our newsletter and on our website calendar. Meetings are open to everyone. Choose committee(s) that fit your interests and your curiosity—no experience necessary.

Please consider joining us on one or more committees!

Facilities – Do you like puttering in the yard and fixing stuff around the house?  Well, “our house” needs you!  It may only be for an occasional work party, or maybe you have a special to offer that would save us time and money.  We’d like to add your name to our list, particularly for work days.  Contact Sandra at shelpsk@yahoo.com

Membership – Remember the people who came up to you and made you feel so welcome when you first walked into UCF?  Likely they are the membership committee who love to invite you to coffee and discussion, and who help you get to know us.  We can use your ideas for new opportunities for the growth of UCF as we move into the new space.  Contact Nan Reed at nanreed5@gmail.com

Worship – Our weekly UCF worship services are what bring us together, even from across the country!  The creative and thought provoking topics and interesting guest ministers/speakers make our church a truly unique space.  The creation, preparation and timing of worshipful services, down to coordinating music with the message, is the ongoing inspiration of this important committee.  They deserve our thanks every Sunday!  Contact Marilynn Cullison at mscullison@gmail.com

Children’s Religious Education – As we move into a new space that invites kids to learn and play, we look forward to our young ones joining us in worship, singing, performing and growing into compassionate and informed young citizens.  We will be creating artwork and crafts and will have visiting speakers and artists in our diverse curriculum.  Moms, Dads, and Grandparents are especially encouraged to join us in our planning and lessons.  Contact Sarah Sutherland at ucf.re.sarah@gmail.com

Summer Camp – Who didn’t love Summer Camp?  This week is filled with Green lessons, crafts, meeting new friends, fun activities and meaningful messages to learn.  We will be starting this up again when the pandemic lifts (probably 2022).  Contact Sarah Sutherland at ucf.re.sarah@gmail.com

Finance – This committee meets monthly and oversees the annual pledge campaign as well as putting together the annual budget for UCF.  This might sound dull, but we really are a fun group, and we come up with some creative ideas for fundraising, as well as supporting our various fundraising opportunities.  We help the Treasurer and the Capital Fund Raising teams put together mailings to the congregation and advise the Board of Trustees when called upon.  We have a conservative approach to managing the funds of our liberal congregation, and we’d love your help.  Contact Jo Ellen Essex at jolnsx@yahoo.com

Social Action – The Social Action Committee, unlike many other UCF committees, has a fluid membership and welcomes anyone who has an interest in addressing social justice issues through service and activism.  We meet quarterly (currently on Zoom) and, when we can gather in groups again, we hope to resume organizing monthly “Days of Service” that will be open to anyone in the congregation.  Contact co-chairs Amy Jones (amjones0912@gmail.com) or Barb Thomas (bsthomas2@gmail.com). 

Green Sanctuary – The Green Sanctuary is committed to being a visible presence in the community, promoting UCF’s commitment to living in harmony with the Earth.  As part of the Social Justice Committee, Green Sanctuary strives to help UCF “walk the talk” when it comes to our shared environment. The Green Sanctuary meets quarterly to plan monthly events for the congregation and the community advocating for environmental justice. We undertake projects that help us all reduce our ecological footprints as we strive to preserve the Earth for future generations. Some of our past activities have included guest speakers, films, panel discussions, worship services, service projects, Meatless Mondays, and fun fieldtrips. Looking ahead to being in our new church, we are planning for more outreach activities into the community. We welcome new members with new ideas!  Contact Lauren Donnachie at lsdonnachie1@gmail.com

Committee on Ministry – This committee helps us look at the vision and mission of all UCF committees, and gives us a yearly evaluation of our goals for the future.  It helps us to look back, in order to envision our future more clearly.  Contact Holly Rogers at hollyer54@yahoo.com

Music – We have a wonderful choir at UCF, and are always looking for new voices to join us in performing for the congregation, as well as in UU Choir Festivals and local Gospel Festivals.  Consider joining us when we all come together in our new Sanctuary.  Contact Tom Cullison at trcullison@gmail.com

Adult Religious Education – This committee strives to provide members and friends of the fellowship with many opportunities for faith development, spiritual growth, and fellowship through a variety of classes and activities. Some classes use published UUA curricula, while others are planned and facilitated by members, in their particular area of expertise or interest. Examples of our current activities include weekly meditation and yoga classes. (Currently all groups are meeting via ZOOM.)  Two book study groups meet monthly.  One group reads and discusses a wide variety of topics, while the other group focuses specifically on anti-racism readings.  Adult RE, often in cooperation with the Social Action and Green Sanctuary committees, regularly provides and discusses films relevant to community and world issues.  Past topics include UU history, the tenets/practices of particular world religions, goddesses of mythology, study of the chakras, and several classes on spiritual development and practices.  We are always glad to have new committee members and new ideas. Contact Sally Davis at sdavis8772@gmail.com

Joys and Concerns – This committee is responsible for sending out cards and flowers to those who are going through an illness or loss in the family.  We reach out to each other for support.  Contact Miriam Green at mwgreen15@gmail.com

BRAND NEW COMMITTEES!!!    Be the first to join! 

Furnishings/Finishing Task Force – Calling all members and friends who wish to join the new Furnishings/Finishing Taskforce for 2900 Bridges St. This task force will prepare the buildings on our campus with everything needed for full use and occupancy prior to our move-in. To volunteer, or for a comprehensive list of the tasks involved and other Frequently Asked Questions, email Melva Kearney at melva.kearney@gmail.com

IT Committee – Another new committee that is just starting to form (and we desperately need), is looking at how to make sure our new home is 21st century ready as far as our web presence, our Breeze database, our streaming possibilities and the infrastructure of the buildings.  Those involved are Barb Thomas, Hilary Schultz, Tom Cullison, Karen Baggott, and Dan Phillips.  Contact the Leadership Committee Chair, Mary Anna Newman at manewman47@gmail.com

Thank you to all who freely give of their time and their talent!