Congregation in front of old church
The UCF Congregation

Our Vision

Our congregation’s vision is to be a visible presence in the community, growing a just world through spiritual enrichment, compassionate action, and free religious inquiry.

Our Mission

The Unitarian Coastal Fellowship is a religious community that nurtures the spiritual and intellectual journeys of its members, friends, and visitors. We do this by:

  • Providing an environment of acceptance, caring, and trust
  • Offering diverse opportunities for religious education and social outreach for all ages
  • Engaging in small group ministry where a sharing of life experiences and religious aspirations are encouraged in a supportive setting
  • Showing grace and humanity to each other, to all those who enter our church, and to all those who seek our help

By working and celebrating and covenanting together, we build a community which has the power and commitment to transform ourselves and our world. We do this by:

  • Participating in weekly religious services exploring our shared humanity and the possibilities for a better society
  • Fostering mutual trust through communal activities and right relationships, covenanted in respect
  • Providing leadership opportunities to explore our shared aspirations and work toward their fulfillment
  • Cultivating our gifts and talents through practicing shared ministry
  • Using technology to improve communication within our congregation and with the larger world

To realize our vision, we engage the larger society and invite the wider world to share in our goal of universal social justice. We do this by:

  • Being an inclusive and welcoming congregation that is enriched by the diverse religious backgrounds and life experiences of all of its members and friends
  • Reaching out to the larger society to partner in action to better the lives and future of others
  • Improving our facilities and making them available to the local community in support of shared goals
  • Proclaiming our Unitarian Universalist faith whenever opportunities arise

–Adopted by the Congregation, January 27, 2013

 Our Covenant

We, the members and friends of the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship, reverently covenant to:

  • Welcome with open minds and tender hearts all who come to this place
  • Encourage and affirm each other in our lifelong spiritual quest
  • Take responsibility for the growth of our Fellowship through active participation and generous support
  • Celebrate the gifts we bring and share
  • Hold one another in the face of challenge
  • Honor the diversity of our experiences and ways of being
  • Speak and listen with respect
  • Forgive ourselves and each other and begin again and again in love

-Adopted by the Congregation, June 14, 2013