Category: Racial Justice

UCF Racial Justice Work

We feel that the comprehensive work that UCF is doing on Racial Justice deserves its own blog.  This Racial Justice blog will highlight our work and keep everyone up to date on where we have been and where we are going as a congregation committed … read more.

Racial Justice: Where We Are Going

We are using the thoughts and reflections from those who have participated in intensive reading and self-reflection to move forward. In one workshop, participants were asked to identify the most meaningful things they have learned through their anti-racism work so far. Below are some of … read more.

Anti-Racism Reading Group

The Anti-Racism Reading group unofficially began with reading Rev. William Barber’s book, “The Third Reconstruction” which was the UUA “Common Read” for 2016-2017. In January 2017, we began with three study groups which were of mixed races including community members as well as our congregants … read more.

Racial Justice: Where We Have Been

The Unitarian Coastal Fellowship has been committed to demonstrating UU’s Second Principle of justice, equity, and compassion in human relations through building relationships across difference.  We recognize that the path to mutual trust and respect comes from working together for the long run, not just … read more.