Thoughtful Gatherings on Zoom

Are you looking for “something more” from your association with our Fellowship?  Are you yearning for a sense of intimacy and trust with others?  Searching for ways of feeling more integrated into this liberal religious community?  Willing to look deeply into your own spirit in company with others? 

Thoughtful Gatherings is a network of small groups that hold a series of theme-based meetings on Zoom to engage in in-depth conversations exploring ways of being in everyday life.  Each group is convened by a facilitator, and members covenant together to develop trust, depth, and intimacy.

The six to eight members in each group are drawn from among UCF members and friends ages 16 and older who have signed up to participate.  If you are interested in learning more, or in joining a group, contact Nan Reed, membership chair, at

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Upcoming Sessions: October through December/January

Among the many things already on her plate, Reverend Michelle is working on writing three new sessions for our Thoughtful Gatherings groups.  Tentatively, we plan to have discussions about history, change, and identity…certainly on the minds of most of us as we move through our process of interim ministry and into a new sanctuary.  Sessions will likely be organized in groups of 6-8, be held on Zoom and scheduled by each group at the convenience of the participants.  Sessions will be approximately 1 1/2 hours long. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, please plan to join us! If you want to be included in a discussion group please email your intention to and PLEASE include Thoughtful Gatherings (or TG) in the subject line.