We at the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship welcome as members all persons regardless of race, color, disability, sexual orientation, gender or national origin. Ours is a progressive, inclusive faith. We are a community of love, service and justice and believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each person. There is no creedal obligation, but rather a wish to help in forwarding the faith and well-being of each individual on her or his spiritual journey.

We offer many opportunities to become a part of our church family. In addition to the weekly Sunday services, there are many other community, growth and service activities. We have a strong social justice program, an activity that brings many to our Fellowship who are drawn by a desire to find ways to be of service, to forward justice and to make a difference in the world. Other activities run the gamut from spiritual growth to reading groups, from choir to gathering for fun and fellowship. Find out more about us and our activities by exploring the drop-down menus on this website.  There’s a place for everyone in our Fellowship.  

A two-session class called UU 101 is offered periodically for those who want to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation. If you would like to join our congregation, please express your interest to our minister, Rev. Michelle Ma, or our membership chairperson. Either will gladly meet with you. Contact Rev. Ma at mma@ucfnc.org or our Membership Chair Nan Reed at nanreed5@gmail.com.