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New Members Welcomed – April 2023

Kai Hostmark

Kai Hostmark

Kai Hostmark was born in Maryland but grew up in Morehead City. Family is her mom, and a group of close friends. She graduated from West Carteret High School and plans to pursue a career in engineering. She is currently working at Crystal … read more.

New Members Mya Pope and Caroline Dominguez

New Members Mya Pope, Caroline Dominguez, Sarah Wax and Carol Sue Burton-Gorman

Mya Pope

Mya is excited to be a part of UCF! She is currently a full time student who loves hiking with her boyfriend, Jeffery Rigg, and she has a passion for live music. While … read more.

New Member Carol Sue Burton-Gorman

Carol Sue Burton-Gorman

Carol Sue was born and raised in New Jersey. She has one son, Bob, who is married to Joan Burton, and both are members of UCF. Carol Sue became a UU member in 1968 in Ridgewood N.J.
She had always dreamed of becoming an … read more.

New Member: Sarah Wax

Sarah Wax

Sarah was born in Jacksonville, NC where her father served in the Marine Corps. She grew up in NC, GA, AL, NH, and MD. She went to Croatan High School and the UNC School of the Arts. She started to major in art at … read more.

New Members for the 2020-21 Church Year

The following people signed the Member Book at UCF during our 2020-2021 Fiscal Year. We welcome them and value their contributions to the life of our church!

Linda Rudd

Welcome, Linda Rudd, a Unitarian since the early 1980s and recent new member at Unitarian Coastal … read more.