UCF’s Pastoral Care Team will respond to requests from members and friends for informal counseling and provide referrals to community resources. The team will provide a caring and confidential ministry to individuals and families who request their help. 

They are available to you in times of life crises, death or bereavement, serious or terminal illness, or times when you may simply need information, someone to listen, or caring companionship. 


Rev. Michelle Ma 252-499-0836 or revmichellema@gmail.com

Terri Thomas, Chairperson, 252-314-4110 or territhomas00@gmail.com

Helene Kelly 252-269-0775 or helenekelly1@gmail.com

Holly Rogers 509-607-2055 or hollyer54@yahoo.com

Joan Burton 201-669-1519 or Ldybg223@aol.com

Liz Morningstar 720-215-5681 or lizmorningstar@gmail.com

Miriam Green 252-726-3583 or mwgreen15@gmail.com

Pastoral Care Tip for September:

Deep breathing has been shown through research studies to shift the body’s response from the stress (fight or flight) state to the relaxed (rest and digest) state.
Sit in a comfortable position or lie flat on the floor.
Put one hand on your belly below the ribs and the other hand on your chest.
Breathe in through your nose. Count to four as you inhale. Notice that the hand on your belly moves, while the hand on your chest remains fairly still.
Breathe out through pursed lips as you count to six.
Repeat this roughly twelve times, or for a total of two minutes.
Take note of any difference in your physical and mental well-being when you are finished.