UCF’s Pastoral Care Team will respond to requests from members and friends for informal counseling and provide referrals to community resources. The team will provide a caring and confidential ministry to individuals and families who request their help. 

They are available to you in times of life crises, death or bereavement, serious or terminal illness, or times when you may simply need information, someone to listen, or caring companionship. 


Rev. Michelle Ma 252-499-0836 or revmichellema@gmail.com

Helene Kelly 252-269-0775 or helenekelly1@gmail.com

Joan Burton 201-669-1519 or Ldybg223@aol.com

Miriam Green 252-726-3583 or mwgreen15@gmail.com

Susan Roberts 804-217-1885 or landfall2@mindspring.com

Pastoral Care Tip:

The step counter on your smartphone could improve your chances of avoiding dementia. Walking 9,800 steps a day reduces your risk of cognitive impairment by as much as half. 3,800 steps a day improves your chances of avoiding dementia by 25%. Researchers in Australia and Denmark monitored the daily steps of 78,000 adults. After 7 years, these adults were found to have had a lowered risk to their cognition.

Source: JAMA Neurology