Caring for one another is a core spiritual practice of Unitarians by offering support and compassion to members of the congregation. Acts of caring are part of the shared ministry of presence. In the spirit of our first UU principle “to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person,” we strive to convey in manners dependable, inclusive, and discrete, a ministry of hope and caring so that no member of our congregation need to feel alone. The purpose of the UCF Pastoral Care Team (PCT) is to extend care to the congregation through one-to-one caring and helping activities by lay members of the congregation to those who are in special need. Activities vary depending of the needs of the individual.

The following situations and actions are examples that are addressed by the PCT, typically with the assistance of Care Circle members:

  • Visiting the ill at home or in a nursing home, hospice, or hospital,
  • Be available for conversation, listening, and understanding,
  • Offering support to those going through a life crisis and providing referrals as appropriate,
  • Supporting friends and family involved in caregiving,
  • Maintaining contact with those unable to come to UCF services due to illness or disability,
  • Comforting the bereaved,
  • Helping our members and friends in need of rides, meals, or caring correspondences.

Members of the PCT must be a UCF member who displays a sense of compassion and empathy for others. They must have good listening skills and be comfortable with feelings of loss, pain, and anxiety in others. They also need to be non-judgmental and able to respect the privacy of individuals and families by keeping details of their lives in confidence.

Additionally, the PCT members give each other support, fellowship, and feedback. They share an effort to help each other towards spiritual growth and enrichment. The PCT can be contacted by calling, texting, or emailing one of the team members.  If you need to leave a message trust it will be held in confidence and the team member will get back to you as soon as possible. The contact information for the team members can be found on the UCF website and in the UCF Newsletter.


Rev. Michelle Ma

Helene Kelly

Joan Burton

Miriam Green

Susan Roberts

Pastoral Care Tip:

Summertime is the season that radiates warmth, optimism and positive energy. It denotes a calm and peaceful time with clear blue skies and puffy clouds. The summertime provides us with days that are calm and peaceful with a golden sun. Great memories are made during the summer. Vacations stretch into days of fun and adventures at the beach, parks and visiting friends, having picnics and playing games. It’s time to eat an ice cream cone, fly a kite, play softfall, catch fireflies or snooze in a hammock and enjoy the summer, UCF’ers!!!