UCF’s Pastoral Care Team will respond to requests from members and friends for informal counseling and provide referrals to community resources. The team will provide a caring and confidential ministry to individuals and families who request their help. 

They are available to you in times of life crises, death or bereavement, serious or terminal illness, or times when you may simply need information, someone to listen, or caring companionship. 


Rev. Michelle Ma 252-499-0836 or revmichellema@gmail.com

Terri Thomas, Chairperson, 252-314-4110 or territhomas00@gmail.com

Helene Kelly 252-269-0775 or helenekelly1@gmail.com

Holly Rogers 509-607-2055 or hollyer54@yahoo.com

Joan Burton 201-669-1519 or Ldybg223@aol.com

Liz Morningstar 720-215-5681 or lizmorningstar@gmail.com

Miriam Green 252-726-3583 or mwgreen15@gmail.com

Pastoral Care Tip for December: Walking for Brain Health

Brisk walking improves brain health and thinking in aging people with memory impairments, according to a new, yearlong study of mild cognitive impairment and exercise. In the study, middle-aged and older people with early signs of memory loss raised their cognitive scores after they started walking frequently. Regular exercise also amplified the healthy flow of blood to their brains. The changes in their brains and minds were subtle but consequential, the study concludes, and could have implications not just for those with serious memory problems, but for any of us whose memories are starting to fade with age.

AARP recommends starting with 30 minutes a day, three times a week, and working up to five times a week, for the best benefits. Parking farther from the store when you go shopping and taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators also helps.