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September 12-Rev. Michelle MaThe Sea Touches All Shores

The story goes that when Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was developing the character of Sulu—portrayed by George Takei—he didn’t want the character to have a nationally specific surname. He wanted the character to represent the peace of the Star Trek universe. When he looked at a map of Southeast Asia and saw the Sulu Sea, he thought to himself, “Ah, the waters of the sea touch all shores.” Please join us, in person, at Fort Macon State Park, at the end of the road across from the Fort in the Beaufort Inlet Overlook Pavilion. We will reflect on the universality and importance of water at this year’s Ministry of Waters service.  Stay tuned for updates regarding the location, COVID restrictions and weather for this in-person worship service.  We hope to make this our first hybrid- both an in-person and Zoom Worship Service!


September 19- Rev. Michelle Ma – Learning to Listen

One of the things Rev. Michelle learned as a hospital chaplain was how to listen: not just to the words that someone is saying, but the emotions behind those words. What might happen if we listened to our and each other’s emotions more? What could we learn?


September 26- Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson, UU MinisterImagine, Organize, Create

It’s hard to fully grasp the magnitude of this moment for our democracy, our earth and our humanity. Though we may be wrestling with doubt and weariness, our faith calls us to interrogate the limits of our imagination for what is possible. Last year we activated more UUs for the work of justice than ever in the history of our faith. This Sunday we’ll reflect on what we’ve learned and imagine what’s next. 

Bio: Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson serves as the Executive Director of UU Justice NC, The Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina. In this role, she has the pleasure of working alongside UUs across the state to do justice work spanning racial, economic, immigrant, environmental and electoral justice. 


October 3: Rev. Michelle MaA Little Bit of UU History

It’s easier to know who we are and why we are the way we are when we know where we come from. Unitarian Universalism is, in some ways, a relatively young faith tradition–and yet, it has some very deep and long roots. Whether or not history is your jam, this sets the stage for this month’s sermon series, which is all about Unitarian Universalism. If you’re a longtime UU, this can be a good refresher; if you’re a first-time visitor, then this is a good primer!

Oct. 10: Rev. Michelle MaWhat We Talk About When We Talk About Worship –

We gather for worship every Sunday morning, but what exactly is the purpose of worship? Some UUs don’t even like to call it worship, and instead use the words ‘religious service’ or ‘assembly.’ Why are we gathering? What happens when we come together?