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Sept. 3: Caring for the Self 

On a three-day weekend brought to us by and intended to recognize the labor movement, let’s also talk about the things that prevent us from resting: capitalism and the Protestant work ethic. In a world where even the concept of “self-care” has been monetized, what does it mean to truly care for ourselves?



Sept. 10: Healing Waters

It is time for a Unitarian Universalist tradition: Water Communion, when we mark the beginning of another year of church programming and remind ourselves that we are a community. This year, we combine it with another, regional tradition: Homecoming! Join us for our special Water Communion ritual (and bring some water of your own, if you’d like) and stay for a potluck afterward.



Sept. 17: What All of Church Teaches

A lot of Unitarian Universalists love to go to church to learn something, whether it’s a new science fact or a new spiritual practice. But church is actually teaching us all the time, not just in sermons or classes. What else do we learn at church, besides what the preacher preaches?


Sept. 24: What the Moon Taught Me 

As Unitarian Universalists, we belong to a vibrant state-wide movement for justice, united by the belief that a new North Carolina is possible. Our state currently faces an onslaught of attacks to our democracy, LGBTQ rights, abortion access, public education and more. This Sunday, we will explore how the moon offers us wisdom into the courage, faith, and joy that we are called to in this moment.

Special Guest Speaker: Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson serves as the Executive Director of UU Justice NC, The Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina. In this role, she has the pleasure of working with over two dozen UU congregations across the state on a range of intersectional justice issues.