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January 1: Beginning Again

Another year has come and gone, and we find ourselves again at a turning. It’s a time of new resolutions, letting go of the past year and trying something new. Today, we will participate in a ritual of letting go–and learn what Unitarian Universalism as a whole is thinking about letting go.


January 8: Tolling of the Bells

Winter is a time of rest, renewal, turning inward, and also of remembering the ones we have lost. As winter continues, we commemorate those loved ones we lost last year. Bring the names of your loved ones to this service, and we will remember them together.


January 15: Let’s Talk About Race

It’s Racial Justice Sunday! On this Sunday, we’ll learn how to talk about one of the most taboo subjects in this country and explore why that’s important to us as people of faith. What does race have to do with spirituality?


January 22: PMS Care While Traveling (Coleen Clark, Guest Speaker

Self care is important, especially when you’re not sure where you’ll wake up the next day. The most important elements of my self care were focusing on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health. How do you exercise, stay positive, and feed your spirituality while on the move? I’ll share how I did, by trial and error, as I traveled from country to country and discovered the wonders out in our world.


January 27: Universal Symbolism (Addie Hirschten, Guest Speaker

Symbols have been used by people throughout human history to communicate and celebrate the sacred. In her upcoming book, The Alchemy of Symbols, artist Addie Hirschten explores the meaning and history of symbolism. In this service we will consider ways that symbols motivate and unite people.