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April 17: A Communion of Flowers

Flower Communion is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual celebrating beauty, diversity, and community. We encourage you to bring your own flowers, and leave bearing different flowers! (And don’t worry if you forget to bring some flowers—there are always enough.)

NOTE: This will be an IN PERSON service, with a Zoom option; we will meet at the Fort Macon visitors center beach overlook. At the very end of the road into Fort Macon is the visitors center. The overlook is across from the visitor center on the beach side of the parking lot.  There is plenty of parking available.


April 24: On Radical Welcome

Our sign says “A Welcoming Community.” We like to say “We welcome everyone.” But do we really welcome everyone? Who are the people who might not feel welcome in our community, and why? And: do we really want to welcome everyone?


May 1: Braiding Sweetgrass – Harriet Altman and Tom Wentworth

As Unitarian Universalists, the interconnectedness embodied in “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,” one of our seven principles, is familiar to us all. In this service, we will deepen our appreciation of this principle through an exploration of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s bestselling book, “Braiding Sweetgrass.” Our focus will be on the many gifts we receive from Earth and how we can accept these gifts and then respond with reciprocal acts of respect and caring for all of Nature.


May 8: The Labor of Creation

During our first worship service all together in our new sanctuary, we will contemplate the pain and messiness that comes with creating something new. We are in the process of moving into a new building and creating a new community. What awaits us?


A Musical Celebration

Guest minister Yuri Yamamoto will lead a musical journey on love and community. Bring your whole selves, family, and friends to this intergenerational worship. Expect to be surprised, deepened, and uplifted!

Yuri Yamamoto (they/she) lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is a hospital chaplain, musician, expressive art practitioner, and activist against intersecting systemic oppression. Yuri has a Master of Divinity from Shaw University Divinity School and PhD in Genetics from North Carolina State University. Yuri is commissioned and endorsed as a Christian minister and for institutional chaplaincy by Federation of Christian Ministries. Yuri co-led the publication of Unitarian Universalists of Color: Stories of Struggle, Courage, Love and Faith and her website is


May 22: Science and the Divine

Science and religion have often been portrayed as mutually exclusive realms at total odds with each other. But what if science is just another window into the divine? How does science bring us closer to wonder and mystery?


May 29: Memorial Day

from the Touchstones Project, presented by Worship Committee Members

After the Civil War, both Northerners and Southerners flocked to Memorial Day celebrations that urged peace, forgiveness, and honoring the heroism of all soldiers. Memorial Day in its earliest forms met the psychological and social need for a holiday naming, marking, and celebrating the African-American experience of slavery and liberation. And so  you are invited, on Memorial Day weekend, to be part of remembering.