Peace banner

May 28: In Memory

On this Memorial Day weekend, we honor and mourn U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the armed forces. We love and miss our siblings, cousins, parents, children, and friends.


June 4: Look for Helpers

The world, especially right now, seems like a very, very scary place. It seems like we’re hopelessly divided and that people are more selfish than ever before. And yet, the world is full of stories–both past and present–about how humans have come together to overcome impossible odds. We’re better than we think we are.


June 11: Communion and Community

The words “communion” and “community” share the same Greek root: koinonia. When we come together into community – and when we partake in communion–we become part of something bigger than ourselves, something greater than the sum of our parts. Join us today for a tradition we haven’t partaken in for several years now: Bread Communion! And our Annual Meeting.


June 18: “We Are All Born Naked…”

…and the rest is drag.” That’s a quote from RuPaul, America’s most famous drag queen and host of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What he means is that all of life is, in many ways, a performance. What can we learn from drag queens about authenticity and the labels we put on ourselves and others?


June 25: Journey – (A Touchstones Service)

While we often think of a journey as being something long and, sometimes, arduous, the original meaning of the word was limited to a day’s work or a day’s travel. There are different kinds of journeys and perhaps in any journey, we should value time more, and hold each day precious.