Author: Barb Thomas

New Gallery Art Show

We are pleased to announce that a new art show featuring Sarah Wax’s wonderful paintings is now on exhibit through June in our gallery in the Sally B. White Center. Sarah discovered her love for painting in high school and even got accepted into the … read more.

New Members Welcomed – April 2023

Kai Hostmark

Kai Hostmark

Kai Hostmark was born in Maryland but grew up in Morehead City. Family is her mom, and a group of close friends. She graduated from West Carteret High School and plans to pursue a career in engineering. She is currently working at Crystal … read more.

8th Principle Resolution for Annual Meeting

Big News!
The Racial Justice Group under the umbrella of the Social Justice Committee is requesting that the UCF Board put the following Resolution on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting on June 11, 2023!

We, the congregation of the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship vote to … read more.

Hope Mission Activities

Sarah Wax, Joan Burton and Jane Hines at Hope Mission

The Social Justice committee is now participating in Hope Mission’s “Soup Kitchen” activities. On April 4, Joan Burton, Jane Hines, and Sarah Wax, assisted in the serving of the meal. On April 6, Harriet Altman assisted … read more.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Issues in NC and Carteret County

By Amy Jones

2023 is the fourth consecutive year of record-breaking numbers of anti-trans bills. The 2023 legislative session already has seen more than 350 anti-trans bills introduced in 36 states. This is almost twice as many as were seen in 2022 and the vast majority … read more.

UCF’s Next Red Cross Blood Drive

Mark your calendars! UCF will be holding a Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday, May 11th from 10 AM to 3 PM in our Social Hall. There is always a big need for blood in our area. A team comes all the way from Greenville … read more.

Green Sanctuary News for April

Fifth Sunday

Our fifth Sunday offering in April will be Coastal Carolina Riverwatch and the White Oak Waterkeeper, suggested by UCF Green Sanctuary.

Coastal Carolina Riverwatch (CCRW) is a water quality advocacy nonprofit, serving the White Oak River basin, and representing thousands of eastern North Carolina … read more.

Plant-Based Potluck

The UCF Adult Spiritual Enrichment and Green Sanctuary Committees co-sponsored a Plant-Based Potluck after the Vespers service in the Social Hall on Wednesday, March 15. Twelve members and friends attended and brought a variety of plant-based recipes, including main dishes, salads, and desserts. The food was … read more.