Anti-Racist Reading Group

The Anti-Racist Reading Group will meet next on January 13, at 7 p.m. The read will be You Are Your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience, and the Black Experience, an anthology by 20 well-known racial justice writers. It is edited by Tarana Burke, founder of the MeToo Movement, and Brene Brown, professor and well-known author of resilience and leadership books. All congregation members and friends are invited to read the anthology and participate in the discussion. We are asking each person attending, as willing, to lead a brief discussion of the article that meant the most to them personally. Time won’t permit discussing all 20 articles, but this will ensure that we discuss the ones that especially spoke to participants. Copies of the book will be available from The Bookshop in the K-Mart Shopping Center in Morehead City. The total cost is $26.12, which includes our discount and sales tax. They will be on the shelf directly behind the check-out counter, reserved for the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship. Copies of the March read, White Supremacy, by Layla Saad, will also be available at The Bookshop, for $25.14, next week if you want to plan ahead. We hope many of you will participate, as the authors present a variety of viewpoints.