Anti-Racism Work

Thank you to all who participated in our anti-racism instrument!

Over 90% of respondents strongly agreed that it was important for our congregation to work toward a more racially just country and the responses were evenly split between those who were more drawn to mobilizing individuals for a single event or action and those who were interested in organizing a prolonged campaign focused on changing a policy.

The top three actions/events of interest were:
Learning how to talk about race with others
Exploring and addressing personal bias
Bystander Intervention Training (learning how to intervene when witnessing an instance of racism)

While the individual actions and reflections are important, there is a dedicated group of individuals (approximately 10) who are excited and passionate about moving towards action at the local, state, and national levels. One respondent remarked, “It seems like the time is right (and probably overdue) for our congregation to take on these issues. We have a strong core of people who have been studying antiracism for some time and we need to allow them to lead us in activities that will promote change in our congregation, community, state and nation.”

It is clear from the data (see below) that voting rights is the most critical topic and thus a great avenue for focusing our anti-racism efforts in a meaningful way.

If you were not able to participate in the instrument, or have more information you would like to share, please contact Liz Morningstar at