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If you are planning to attend in person, here is some information about our COVID policy and Parking. If you want more information about what to expect at the service, see the “First Time Visitors” page and the “Our Sunday Services” page.

Covid Policy

Regarding in-person gatherings at the church

Hello Friends!

Below is a summary of the revised COVID policy (as of July 2022). The Board will be rewriting the entire policy, to include the summary below, over the next month:

UCF’s policy includes the following:

1.      In-person meetings are allowed.

2.      Masking is required for worship services, choir rehearsals and singing, and large group meetings.

3.      Vaccination is required; however, proof is not.

4.      Speakers may remove masks when speaking to groups.

5.      Social distancing as you are able.

6.      Physical contact when comfortable by all parties.

7.      There will be no planned Worship Service Coffee Hour at this time.

8.      Food and beverages should be consumed outdoors unless the event has prior approval from the UCF Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may approve indoor consumption of food and beverages for specific gatherings at any community risk level (green, yellow, or orange). Approval has been given for the juice/snacks given to blood donors at the July 28, 2022, Red Cross Blood Drive; the Dedication of the Sally B. White Center on August 14, 2022; and for the Ribbon Cutting for the new building on September 10, 2022.

          a. At these events, an area will be designated for eating and drinking. People who choose to eat and drink indoors will be reminded to remove masks only when actively eating and drinking and to maintain social distancing in the designated area as is possible.

          b. At the building dedication and ribbon cutting, an announcement will be made that food will be served in 10 minutes and that those who wish to avoid people who are not wearing masks should exit the room where people are eating or exit the building.  At the dedication in August, there will be tours available at this time for small groups wearing masks.

          c. The Red Cross will manage the juice/snack station in July, but generally, at these events there are only 1-3 people at the station after donating blood. Donors and Red Cross staff at the events will be wearing masks at other times.

9.      For small group in-person meetings, use Covenantal Conversations regarding masking for each meeting. If anyone in that meeting expresses discomfort with removing masks, all attendees must wear masks.

10.   If you test positive for COVID within 3 days of any in-person event you attend, please notify the Office Assistant Rebecka Keeter at


PARKING: Please be careful entering and exiting the parking lot. If approaching from the east, please enter via Bridges St. If approaching from the west, please turn left on Barbour and circle the block to enter on Church Street. If you can manage the walk, please use the Salvation Army lot and reserve our lot for those with mobility issues. Thank you!