COVID and Parking Policies for In-Person Services

Regarding in-person gatherings at the church

Hello Friends!

Changes made to how COVID Act Now reports risk levels have required the Board to reevaluate the COVID policy we recently published. In a nutshell, these changes mean that the old “green” rating is markedly different than the new “green” rating. Therefore, as the Board returns to the drawing board, we find ourselves extra-cautious, with safety our main concern. At the same time, we want to hear what you have to say and modify policies as the environment and information changes.

UCF’s policy for CDC/COVID Act Now’s “new green” level includes the following:

1.      In-person meetings are allowed.

2.      Masking is required for worship services, choir rehearsals and singing, and large group meetings.

3.      Vaccination is required; however, proof is not.

4.      Speakers may remove masks when speaking to groups.

5.      Social distancing as you are able.

6.      Physical contact when comfortable by all parties.

7.      There will be no planned Coffee Hour at this time.

8.      Food and beverages must be consumed outdoors.

9.      For small group in-person meetings, use Covenental Conversations regarding masking for each meeting. If anyone in that meeting expresses discomfort with removing masks, all attendees must wear masks.

10.   If you test positive for COVID within 3 days of any in-person event you attend, please notify the Office Assistant Jamie DeRose at


PARKING: Please be careful entering and exiting the parking lot. If approaching from the east, please enter via Bridges St. If approaching from the west, please turn left on Barbour and circle the block to enter on Church Street. If you can manage the walk, please use the Salvation Army lot and reserve our lot for those with mobility issues. Thank you!