Outdoor Flower Communion Service – April 17th

Sarah Sutherland tells the story of the first Flower Communion – photo by Karen Baggott

More than 40 people, some on zoom but most in person, met at the pavilion at Fort Macon State Park for an Easter Sunday Flower Communion service.  The morning started out sunny and stayed dry but the worship team was challenged by a fierce wind blowing in from the ocean that made it difficult to keep the flowers from blowing away, keep the beach chairs in place, and for those on Zoom to hear what was being said.

Meganne holding down her music stand and her music as she prepares to play – photo by Nan Reed

But in spite of the challenges, it was a beautiful service, with Rev. Michelle presiding, Sally Davis as Worship Assistant, Tom Cullison leading the singing, Meganne Smith bravely playing her flute, Sarah Sutherland telling the story of the first Flower Communion, and Tom Wentworth doing the Zoom work.

The congregation lines up to select their flowers – photo by Karen Baggott

For those who could gather in person, it was a wonderful opportunity to be together, a tantalizing peek into what we can expect in a few weeks when we actually meet in our new Sanctuary building!

Tom Cullison leads the congregation in song – photo by Karen Baggott