Pre-holiday Fun and Fundraising!

(back)Helene Kelly, Rev. Michelle Ma, Miriam Green, Joan Burton, Terri Thomas – (front) Liz Morningstar and Savannah

On Sunday, December 5th, members of the Pastoral Care Team at UCF held a drive-thru event at our new facility (under construction) at 2900 Bridges Street.  Members and Friends of UCF were invited to drive through the parking lot where the Team had tables set up with bags of holiday goodies to give out.  The Pastoral Care Team was dressed in their holiday finery!  It was a very welcome chance for us to greet each other in person. Big thanks to our Pastoral Care Team: Rev. Michelle Ma, Terri Thomas, Joan Burton, Helene Kelly, Miriam Green, Liz Morningstar (and her dog, Savannah), and Holly Rogers.

Fundraising for UCF at Cedar Point Christmas Market

Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon and evening, members of the Finance Committee set up a table at the Cedar Point Christmas Market to sell the beautiful 2022 Bee Lovers Garden calendars that were donated to UCF by Treasurer Dave Hughes’ sister Mel Hughes.  The sale was very successful and they sold out the calendars they brought! Many thanks to Mel and to Jo Ellen Essex, Mary Anna Newman, Tom and Guerry Willis, and Lauren Donnachie for their fundraising efforts!