About the Social Action Committee

UCF’s Social Action Committee is staying busy, even in this time of COVID.  This committee’s makeup is ever-changing – any member of the congregation can bring a social justice issue or project to a meeting for consideration, or they can join us to work on any of our current projects or issues.  Click here to see our Mission Statement. The minutes of our most recent meeting will give you an overview of our work.

The committee donates money and time to local non-profits that fit with our mission, organizing “Days of Service” when needed.  We hold special collections in times of natural disaster and every month with five Sundays we donate all funds collected during that month that are not designated for pledges or capital campaign, to an organization chosen by our committee.

The Social Action Committee meets quarterly with frequent email communication between meetings. Co-chairs of the committee are Amy Jones (amjones0912@gmail.com) and Barb Thomas (bsthomas2@gmail.com).   Our next meeting will be on Thursday, August 26th at 10:00 AM. We will try to do a hybrid meeting — both in-person in room 7 of the Sunday School building and on Zoom for those who can’t make the meeting. See our 2020-2021 Annual Report, which details the work we did during the past fiscal year.

UCF Crew does litter cleanup in Beaufort with the Lions Club
UCF Gets $50,000 grant from UUA for Disaster Recovery in Carteret County

Check this blog often to see what is going on with us!