Speaker: Rev. Sally White

Memorial Day

On this holiday set aside to honor those who served and to mourn those who have died in war, who do we remember and how?  What are some of the national, local, and personal memorials that keep alive the memory and the legacy of war … read more.

Grace and Mercy

In common speech, we often use the terms Grace and Mercy interchangeably.  But theologians and world religions make distinctions between these two qualities – and how they play out in our lives.  This morning, let us consider Grace and Mercy.  Bob Thomas bought this service … read more.

Earth Day

In the summer of 1938, biologist Rachel Carson first visited Beaufort, and fell in love with the sand dunes of the outer banks, and with the mysterious relationship between shore and sea. In celebration of this Earth Day week, Sally Davis and Rev. Sally will … read more.