The Value of Volunteerism

Does it feel to you as if you’re gently and gradually rejoining society after almost 3 years of COVID quarantine? Sure seems that way to me! Much is the same out there in the world, but much is also different. One thing that’s different for many of us is the activities we used to enjoy. For me, most of those are gone, but new (and often better) ones have been substituted. One of these for you may have been your volunteer activities. Now’s the time to think about new ways to contribute your gifts and talents to the big world out there!

As you journey back, please consider UCF as a volunteer opportunity. Our Fellowship can use your skills across a wide range of contributions, and volunteering is a great way to make new friends or get to know people you’ve met better.

We have many wonderful UCF volunteers, but we can definitely use many more! Contact Barb Thomas ( or Linda Rudd ( if you’re interested in volunteering – it could be one of the most rewarding new activities you’ve embraced. By the way, all UCF committee meetings are open to all members. If you’d like to learn about the possibilities, check the monthly calendar in the Coastline or in Breeze for dates and times.

Volunteering opportunities include:

-worship associate
-greeters for Sunday services
-setting up for services
-nursery helper
-religious education (adult & children)
-social justice activities
-coffee hour & food service
-writing and editing for our newsletters
-serving on committees
-organizing & maintaining our new space
-garden design
-grounds maintenance
…..the list is almost endless!