UCF and Racial Justice

Exploring Anti-Racism as a congregation

Over the past two years, some UCF members have been reading, learning, and discussing the concepts and ideas around anti-racism, equity and social justice. In early June, UCF members and friends received a request to complete a brief survey to help us more fully understand the congregation’s interest, questions, and commitment to racial justice. Thank you to those that completed this survey.

Recognizing and Interrupting Racism workshop

A special thanks goes out to Liz Morningstar for leading and facilitating the “Recognizing and Interrupting Racism” workshop on June 12. This workshop included discussion and role playing on effective strategies to “call people in” rather than “calling people out” when you see or hear comments and actions that are racist and/or otherwise discriminatory and hurtful. “Calling people in” allows for dialogue and learning opportunities as opposed to “calling people out” which frequently leads to defensiveness. If you were not able to attend to June 12 session, we hope to offer this workshop again in the upcoming months.