UCF Chair Donation Opportunity

Honor someone you love or admire.

To Our Unitarian Coastal Fellowship Members and Friends,

We have ordered beautiful, safe, comfortable, and long-lasting chairs to use in our new sanctuary. The chairs are manufactured in Ohio.  75% of the power required to run the production line is from the burning of sawdust created in the process of manufacturing the wood for the chairs. The weaving of the fabric is powered by the wind.

We each have the opportunity to donate one or more chairs with an optional plaque with the name of the honored person(s) and the name of the donor. The plaque will be professionally placed on the back of the chair.

This is a very exciting program. We have already had interest from non-members from Asheville, Durham, Pennsylvania, and Morehead City.

Each chair is $235. For more information, contact Miriam Green at mwgreen15@gmail.com or 252-726-3583. Here is an application form (required) that can be filled out, along with your payment options and information on where to send the form.

Thank you for your participation!

Your UCF Furnishings/Finishings Committee

Karen Baggott, Miriam Green, JoEllen Essex, Susan Roberts, Sarah Sutherland, Tom Willis and Sandra Shelp