UCF Members Attend “Eugene Goodman Appreciation Event” on January 6th anniversary

Mary Anna Newman, Holly Rogers, John Brobst, Marti Newman, Terri Thomas, Rev. Michelle Ma, Barb Thomas, Penny Hooper, and Harriet Altman attended the event. (missing: Mark Hooper)

Members of our congregation were scattered through the crowd at the Eugene Goodman Appreciation Event at Grayden Paul Park in Beaufort on Thursday, January 6th.  The event honored Mr. Goodman, the Capitol Police Officer who bravely led rioters away from the place where Senators were evacuating, as well as all police officers.  Penny and Mark Hooper brought our UCF banners to the event and hung them with other banners on a fence in the park.

John Brobst reads his patriotic speech to the crowd.

Speakers at the event included our own John Brobst, as well as Beaufort’s ex-mayor Rhett Newton, and event organizers Charles Llewellyn and Doug Miron.  They expressed their dismay at seeing a Confederate flag in the Capitol building as well as seeing American flags being used in an effort to overturn an American election and our democracy.  All expressed their patriotism and their hopes that we will never again see such an attempt to overturn our democracy.