Update on Our Partnership with Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua

For many years, the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship has been financially supporting the Sister Communities of San Ramon Nicaragua (SCSRN), a non-profit located in Durham, NC, and many of our members and friends have participated in their winter Ecotours in Nicaragua each year.  The stated goals of SCSRN are:

  • We support the people of San Ramón, Nicaragua in community-led initiatives, prioritizing local solutions to local problems.
  • We build cross-cultural relationships of friendship, respect, and mutual understanding through cultural immersion ecotours.

In fall of 2019, we were asked if we would like to partner with another donor to provide support to a rural school in Nicaragua.  This would be a 3-year commitment, with a donation of $350 per year.  The Social Action committee voted unanimously to make this commitment and we were excited to partner with the Staples family in Raleigh to provide support to the Montegrande School in Nicaragua.  Here is a 2 ½ minute video from that school, showing how our donations helped their school over the last 3 years: 

We recently received an email from Anjie Price, Executive Director of SCSRN, with some wonderful pictures of the students at the Montegrande School, telling us that our three-year commitment was complete and asking if we wanted to continue to partner with the Staples family to support another school.  We didn’t hesitate to agree to this –  seeing the faces of these children who have so little and are so appreciative for getting things like floors in their buildings and drinking water, makes this commitment a joy for us.  We hope to hear soon about the school we will be supporting for the next three years!

  • Montegrande School

If you would like more information about SCSRN and especially about their annual Ecotours, this is their website: https://san-ramon.org/